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2024 All-Electric Chevrolet Equinox EV: The Future Of Urban Transportation In Ottawa

2024 Equinox EV

As the bustling streets of Ottawa brim with the daily dance of commuters and families on the go, one question remains on everyone’s mind: how can we drive into a cleaner, greener future without compromising convenience or style?

The answer lies in reimagining urban mobility—and it has arrived. Meet the all-new 2024 Equinox EV from Chevrolet Canada, an electric SUV crafted to revolutionize your city travels.

Soon available at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac and built for modern life, this compact crossover combines cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics to meet every driver’s needs. With an impressive range that clears up to 480 kilometres on a single charge, saying goodbye to frequent fuel stops becomes seamless.

Prepare for a ride into tomorrow; our team is ready to guide you through each electrifying feature and benefit. Keep reading—we’re sure you’ll be energized by what’s in store!

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV is an all-electric compact SUV designed for urban driving with a range of up to 480 km on a full charge, offering Ottawa drivers a stylish and practical solution for eco-friendly transportation.

  • Fast charging technology allows the Equinox EV to gain about 112 km of range in just minutes at DC fast-charging stations, complemented by wireless charging and Ultifi connectivity features for convenience and enhanced vehicle performance.

  • Equipped with advanced safety technologies such as Forward Collision Alert and Super CruiseTM hands-free driving assistance, the Equinox EV ensures safety while providing comfort during city commutes in Ottawa.

  • Surgenor Ottawa offers comprehensive trade-in options and financing solutions to make owning an electric vehicle like the Equinox EV accessible and affordable, including guidance on government rebates for potential savings.

  • As part of its commitment to sustainability, GM plans to introduce more electric models like the Silverado EV and Cadillac LYRIQ alongside other brands, contributing to a future where electric vehicles are essential elements of urban transportation in Ottawa.

Introduce the all-electric Equinox EV

Jump into the future of urban transportation with Chevrolet’s game-changing all-electric Equinox EV. This compact SUV is not only an eco-friendly powerhouse but also a stylish and smart choice for Ottawa’s roads.

Imagine driving around Eastern Ontario without stopping for gas, enjoying a silent yet powerful ride. The 2024 model, Chevrolet’s first-ever electric entry in the compact SUV segment, promises to deliver convenience and performance hand-in-hand.

The Equinox EV stands out as an affordable electric option without compromising on technology or comfort. With its impressive range of up to 480 km per charge, you’ll have plenty of power for daily commutes and weekend adventures alike.

Packed with innovative features like advanced safety systems and Ultifi connectivity options, this electric vehicle is designed to fit seamlessly into your life — making every journey smooth and enjoyable while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Get ready to experience modern mobility at its best with the all-electric Equinox EV coming soon to Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac!

Meet the future with style and sustainability – the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV is set to redefine what it means to drive an electric SUV in Ottawa. Here at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a vehicle that promises up to 480 km of all-electric range on a full charge.

Imagine cruising through Kanata, Nepean, or even Gatineau without a single stop for gas. The Equinox EV brings this dream into reality.

This compact electric crossover doesn’t just excel in its incredible range; it also leads with cutting-edge technology and fast charging options that fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

Wireless charging keeps your devices powered up, while Ultifi features keep you connected on every journey. You’ll be turning heads, too, thanks to its sleek design inside out, which showcases the very best of modern electric vehicles - all from the trusted brand of Chevrolet Canada Electric.

This isn’t just any affordable electric SUV; it’s your key to unlocking an electrified future in urban transportation across Ottawa and beyond.

Equinox EV

Design and Features of Equinox EV

The 2024 all-electric Equinox EV emerges as a marvel of modern automotive engineering, showcasing a design that impeccably blends style with functionality, delivering an unparalleled driving experience for urban explorers in Ottawa; dive in to unveil the features that set this electric SUV apart.

Customize options available

Tailor your driving experience with the Equinox EV’s customizable ambient lighting. This feature lets you set the mood for every journey, whether you’re cruising through downtown Ottawa or on a road trip along the Ottawa River.

Choose from an array of colours to highlight the sleek design of your electric SUV and reflect your personal style.

Dive into customization by selecting unique trim levels and add-on features that make your Equinox EV uniquely yours. With options ranging from enhanced performance specs to cutting-edge technology packages, there is no shortage of ways to make it stand out in Barrhaven, Aylmer, Orleans, or wherever your travels take you.

Embrace the future with a vehicle tailored just for you – because one size does not fit all when it comes to true driving pleasure and innovation.

Stylish interior and exterior design

The 2024 Equinox EV sparks excitement with its sleek and modern exterior, drawing admiring glances on Ottawa streets. It blends the familiar curves of Chevrolet’s gas-powered Equinox with fresh, cutting-edge lighting at both ends to captivate the eco-conscious driver who also values style.

Inside, you’ll find a sanctuary crafted for comfort and aesthetic appeal—whether choosing the LT or RS trims; each detail is designed to elevate your driving experience.

Drivers will revel in an interior that harmonizes advanced technology with functional elegance. The design team at Chevrolet has meticulously tailored every inch of the cabin to provide both visual pleasure and intuitive interaction with the vehicle’s features.

This all-electric SUV doesn’t just take you places; it does so swathed in sophistication that speaks volumes about your commitment to innovation without compromising on luxury.

Impressive range of up to 480 km (300 miles) on a full charge

Imagine driving around Ottawa and beyond without a hint of range anxiety. With the Equinox EV, you can travel up to 480 kilometres on just one full charge. It’s perfect for daily commutes, weekend getaways, or those spontaneous road trips when adventure calls.

Wave goodbye to frequent stops at gas stations and hello to smooth, uninterrupted journeys across vast distances.

Efficiency meets convenience in this all-electric SUV as it offers both the space and endurance necessary for modern city living and explorations outside urban boundaries. The Equinox EV redefines what it means to drive electric by combining practicality with an impressive performance that keeps you going longer, farther, and more confidently than ever before.

2024 Equinox EV

Performance and Technology

Under the hood of the 2024 Equinox EV lies a fusion of performance and cutting-edge technology engineered to deliver a driving experience that’s both thrilling and smart. From its responsive all-electric powertrain to innovative tech like Ultifi connectivity, this electric SUV sets new benchmarks for seamless integration into the urban fabric of Ottawa.

Fast charging options

Charging your 2024 All-Electric Equinox EV is a breeze with the latest fast charging technology. Imagine pulling up to a DC fast-charging station and getting an impressive GM-estimated 112 km (70 miles) of range in just minutes; that’s what you get with the capacity of up to 150 kW.

You’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the drive on Ottawa streets.

For daily top-ups at home or work, the standard-equipped 11.5 kW level 2 (AC) charger adds convenience by delivering up to a GM-estimated 54 km of range per hour. This means waking up every morning to a fully charged vehicle, ready for whatever adventure or errand you have planned.

With these cutting-edge options, charging fits seamlessly into your life, keeping you moving forward in style and efficiency.

Wireless charging and Ultifi features

Wave goodbye to tangled cords and the hassle of plugging in every time you need power. The 2024 Chevy Equinox EV introduces wireless charging, providing a seamless experience for owners who prioritize convenience and cutting-edge technology.

Just park your all-electric Equinox on top of a charging pad and let it replenish the battery while you go about your day. It’s that simple—no cables, no waiting, just effortless energy to keep you moving.

Alongside this innovative charging solution comes the Ultifi feature set that defines modern vehicle connectivity. This advanced digital platform turns the Equinox EV into a smart device on wheels with updates that continuously enhance the SUV’s performance and capabilities over time.

Imagine getting new features without having to visit our dealership - now that’s smart driving redefined! Prepare for an always-improving driving experience as we move on to discussing Super CruiseTM technology – Chevrolet’s answer to hands-free driving assistance.

Available Super CruiseTM technology

Moving beyond the convenience of wireless charging and Ultifi features, the 2024 All-Electric Equinox EV takes tech integration a step further. Imagine cruising along the roads of Ottawa with both hands off the steering wheel while your vehicle expertly navigates on its own.

That’s exactly what you get with Super CruiseTM technology. This cutting-edge addition to Chevrolet’s electric SUV market allows you to tackle long stretches of compatible highways without having to manage every turn or lane change.

Super CruiseTM technology is not just a fancy feature; it represents a leap into the future of driving, melding luxury with automation in an unprecedented way for our customers at Surgenor Ottawa.

Opt for any trim from the 2LT level upwards, and this game-changing driver assistance system can be yours. Seek out that extra layer of comfort knowing your all-electric Equinox EV can deftly handle hours of travel under careful computer-aided analysis, giving you a more relaxing and confidence-inspiring journey through city streets or countryside vistas alike.

2024 Equinox EV interior

Safety and Owner Benefits

Equipped with cutting-edge safety technologies, the all-electric Equinox EV ensures peace of mind for Ottawa drivers. From forward collision alert to automatic emergency braking, each feature is meticulously designed to keep you secure on every journey, while exclusive owner benefits enhance your experience from purchase through ownership at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac.

Advanced safety features

At Surgenor Ottawa, we understand that safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a necessity for peace of mind on the road. The 2024 All-Electric Equinox EV is designed with this priority in mind, offering an Advanced Safety Package to guard you and your loved ones.

This package includes heated power outside mirrors equipped with integrated turn signal indicators to enhance visibility during those chilly Ottawa winters.

The Equinox EV doesn’t stop there – its suite of safety features works tirelessly behind the scenes to protect passengers. You’ll find cutting-edge technology such as Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, keeping watch over hard-to-see areas around your vehicle.

Forward Collision Alert acts as an extra set of eyes on the road ahead, while Rear Park Assist makes maneuvering into tight parking spaces less stressful. These intelligent technologies are always at work, ensuring every journey in your electric SUV is secure and worry-free.

Customer support for EV owners

Understanding the importance of safety, we also prioritize exceptional customer service for every Equinox EV owner. Once you join our electric vehicle community, you’ll have access to comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated team offers assistance with everything from navigating new technology to maintaining your EV’s performance. Whether it’s questions about Ultium battery health or scheduling a fast charger installation at home, we’re here to help ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

We believe owning an Equinox EV should be as seamless as driving one. That’s why our customer support extends beyond conventional services, providing exclusive access to the latest updates on EV technologies like wireless charging and Ultifi features.

This commitment guarantees that you stay ahead in both comfort and capability, making every journey in Ottawa not just safer but smarter, too.

Explore the All-New 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Inventory at Surgenor Ottawa

Get ready to experience the future of driving with Surgenor Ottawa’s latest addition, the 2024 Equinox EV. Our team is thrilled to showcase a dynamic range of these all-electric SUVs brimming with innovative technology and cutting-edge design.

With an electric vehicle range that impresses and a cabin packed with advanced features, we invite you to discover what sets the Equinox EV apart from the rest.

Visit our showroom today and see firsthand why this Chevrolet compact SUV is creating such a buzz. Take advantage of fast charging capabilities, revel in the smooth acceleration, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re behind the wheel of an eco-friendly powerhouse.

It’s not just about making a statement; it’s about embracing efficiency without compromising on style or performance—find yours at Surgenor Ottawa.

2024 Equinox EV

The Future of Electric Vehicles in Ottawa

Ottawa’s electric vehicle landscape is rapidly evolving, with a future that promises pioneering models like the Equinox EV—discover what this means for your urban commute at Surgenor Ottawa.

Upcoming EV models from Chevrolet and other brands

Chevrolet is gearing up to electrify the streets with an array of new EV models, setting a high bar for innovation and sustainability. The Chevrolet Silverado EV is poised to redefine what an electric truck can be, boasting impressive power and capability without a single drop of fuel.

Drivers who are fond of elegance will find the Cadillac LYRIQ delivers ultra-luxury alongside cutting-edge technology, offering a serene driving experience that’s both dynamic and environmentally conscious.

Beyond Chevrolet’s lineup, other brands are also adding thrilling options to the mix. Expect eye-catching designs from Buick, capturing hearts with futuristic vibes and modern electric efficiency.

GMC is not staying behind either; their Hummer EV promises off-road adventures powered purely by electricity. Each new model comes packed with performance specs tailored to elevate every journey, showcasing how far EV technology has come – all while being accessible through Surgenor Ottawa’s exceptional inventory selection in the heart of Canada’s capital.

Next up, let’s delve into the vast benefits these electric vehicles offer for urban transportation in Ottawa.

Benefits of electric vehicles for urban transportation in Ottawa

Electric vehicles (EVs) are changing the game for city driving in Ottawa with their zero-emission technology. Imagine cruising through the bustling streets and quiet neighbourhoods without contributing to air pollution.

With an all-electric fleet like our Equinox EV, you can enjoy a cleaner, greener ride every time you hit the road.

For urban residents of Ottawa who value both eco-friendliness and economy, electric SUVs offer significantly lower maintenance costs compared to traditional vehicles. This means more savings over time and less hassle with upkeep.

Plus, as Ottawa gears up for a future where all new cars will be electric by 2035, early adopters of models such as the Equinox EV are paving the way toward a sustainable and advanced transportation system within our vibrant city.

2024 Equinox EV


Embracing the electrifying advancements of the Equinox EV is not just a step towards sustainable urban travel in Ottawa but a leap into an exhilarating future—join us at Surgenor Ottawa to experience this revolutionary ride firsthand.

Emphasizing the significance of transitioning to electric vehicles

Switching to electric vehicles like the all-new Equinox EV isn’t just about driving a car that’s free from gasoline; it’s about being part of a larger movement towards cleaner, more sustainable transportation in cities like Ottawa.

Imagine cruising through town knowing your vehicle emits zero tailpipe emissions. It’s not only better for the environment but also sets an example of eco-conscious living to those around you.

Electric cars are quickly proving themselves as the future of urban mobility with their whisper-quiet operation and instant torque, making city drives more enjoyable. With Ottawa aiming for 30% of light-duty vehicle sales by 2030 to be electric, the switch is inevitable, and getting behind the wheel of an Equinox EV propels you ahead into a greener future.

The choices we make today on transitioning to electric vehicles have powerful implications for our city’s air quality and our role in combating climate change.

Trade-In and Financing Options for the Equinox EV

At Surgenor Ottawa, we understand the importance of accessibility when it comes to embracing the electric future. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive trade-in opportunities and competitive financing solutions for the all-electric Equinox EV, ensuring a seamless transition into sustainable driving for our valued customers.

Valuing your trade

Trading in your current vehicle for the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV at Surgenor Ottawa is a straightforward and beneficial process. We pride ourselves on providing fair trade-in values, ensuring you get a great deal for your new all-electric SUV.

Bring us your car, truck, or minivan; we assess it based on condition, market demand, and mileage to offer you the best price.

Our team works tirelessly to make upgrading to an electric lifestyle smooth and rewarding. The value of your trade reduces the total cost of the Equinox EV — making this eco-friendly switch more accessible.

With our convenient trade-in options paired with financing solutions, driving home in an all-electric vehicle has never been easier.

Financing options and credit support for EV buyers

Taking the leap into electric vehicle ownership is more achievable than ever with an array of financing options tailored to fit your budget. At Surgenor Ottawa, we understand that investing in an Equinox EV represents a significant step forward.

That’s why our finance team offers comprehensive plans designed to ease the transition. Whether you’re interested in leasing with flexible terms or prefer a loan arrangement that leads to full ownership, we craft solutions that align with your financial goals.

Credit support plays a crucial role in making electric vehicles accessible to a wider audience. Our dedicated specialists are here to navigate through available incentives and guide you toward maximizing any government rebates for which you may qualify.

We pride ourselves on providing transparent advice so you feel confident about every aspect of purchasing your all-electric SUV. Embrace the future of urban transportation without letting finances stand in the way; let our experts at Surgenor Ottawa help pave the path towards sustainable driving in style.


1. What makes the 2024 All-Electric Equinox EV unique for urban transportation in Ottawa?

The 2024 All-Electric Equinox EV stands out with its electric SUV design, offering efficient city driving with all-electric features and advanced Chevrolet EV technology.

2. How does the performance of the Equinox EV compare to traditional vehicles?

With its innovative all-wheel-drive system and impressive electric vehicle acceleration, the Equinox EV performs powerfully, matching or exceeding gas-powered automobiles in both speed and agility.

3. Can I choose different styles with the new Equinox EV?

Yes! The Equinox EV comes in various trim levels, including an exclusive launch edition, so you can select a style that suits your preferences while enjoying fully electric urban travel.

4. What are some key safety features of the Equinox EV?

Safety is a priority; therefore, this vehicle includes lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and automatic braking to help protect drivers on Ottawa’s busy streets.

5. Where can I charge my Electric equinox EV in Ottawa?

Ottawa offers numerous charging stations equipped with DC fast chargers to quickly power your Electric Equinox Ev SUV’s battery packs, ensuring convenient refuelling throughout the city.

6. Will owning an All-Electric Equniox EV have any extra fees?

While upfront prices such as MSRP may vary, there are fewer long-term costs associated with maintenance compared to traditional combustion engine models, reducing levies, taxes and insurance fees over time.


Kyle Burton: A Lifetime Passionate About the Automotive World

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Kyle's career has spanned various pivotal roles, evolving from an automotive detailer & service valet to a customer care agent and then ascending to positions like e-commerce manager and sales professional. Since 2010, Kyle has been steering success in his current role as a Sales Manager, where his expertise shines.

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