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Electrify Your Ride in Ottawa: The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Electrifying Ottawa: Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV

Electrifying Ottawa: Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV

Ottawa’s Premier Electric Utility Vehicles: Bolt EV and EUV

Welcome to Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, your gateway to the latest in electric vehicle technology in Ottawa and beyond. Introducing the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV - the epitome of electric innovation, combining thrilling torque with lightning-quick acceleration, tailored for the discerning driver in Eastern Ontario.

Key Takeaways: Electrifying Your Drive in Ottawa with the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV: The Future of Efficient Driving

  • Starting MSRP: $41,574, offering unmatched value for an electric vehicle.

  • Performance: Zoom from 0-96 km/h in 6.5 seconds with 200 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of electric torque.

  • Range: Travel up to 417 km on a full charge, perfect for exploring Ottawa and beyond.

  • Charging: Includes Dual Level Charge Cord and complimentary standard installation of a Level 2 charging outlet.

  • Technology: 10.2-inch touchscreen with Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Plus System and advanced energy management screens.

  • Convenience: myChevrolet Mobile App for remote access and vehicle management.

  • Space: Generous cargo volume of 1,614 litres and comfortable seating for five, with 915 mm rear-seat leg room.

  • Safety: Chevrolet Safety Assist features for peace of mind.

  • Extra Perks: Chevrolet Complete Care for comprehensive coverage and protection.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: Ultimate Electric Utility

  • Price Range: $43,179 to $46,679, offering luxury within reach.

  • Performance: Accelerates from 0 to 96 km/h in 7 seconds; perfect for dynamic driving experiences.

  • Range: Achieve up to 397 km per charge, ensuring long journeys without hassle.

  • Charging Support: Complimentary standard installation of a Level 2 charging outlet for ease of use.

  • Super Cruise™ Package: Experience hands-free driving on compatible highways.

  • Interior Comfort: Spacious with 993 mm of rear-seat legroom and heated front seats in the LT trim.

  • Cargo Space: Ample room with a maximum volume of 1,611 litres.

  • Safety: Enhanced with Chevrolet Safety Assist, including advanced features like Lane Keep Assist.

  • Special Edition: The Redline Edition offers bold design elements on both LT and Premier models.

  • Innovative Features: Supports one pedal driving and includes standard DC Fast Charging capability.

Chevrolet Bolt EV: A Blend of Power and Eco-Friendly Performance

Unleashing Electric Power

Experience the sheer exhilaration of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. With a robust 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of electric torque, this vehicle is a powerhouse of speed, zipping from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. Its sleek design enhances its agility, making it a standout in the electric vehicle realm.

Maximizing Range and Charging Versatility

The Bolt EV shines with an EPA-estimated range of up to 417 kilometres per charge, setting the standard for electric vehicle endurance. Charging is a breeze with its versatile Level 1, 2, and 3 options, ensuring you’re always powered up, whether at home in Orleans or on a road trip to Aylmer.

Chevrolet Bolt EUV: Roomy and Cutting-Edge

Spaciousness Meets Style

The Bolt EUV steps up with a cabin that’s all about space and comfort. With generous rear legroom and a panoramic sunroof, it’s designed for the ultimate open-road experience, perfect for families in Nepean or adventurers from Gatineau.

Technology at the Forefront

  • The Bolt EUV leads with GM’s Super Cruise, a semi-autonomous driving technology. This feature transforms your travels on compatible roads, offering a glimpse into the future of hands-free driving.

Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV

Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV: Tailored for Your Lifestyle

Cargo and Convenience

Choose the Bolt EV for its superior cargo space, which is ideal for those prioritizing storage for their adventures in Barrhaven or beyond.

Safety: A Top Priority

Rest assured that the excellent safety ratings of both models ensure a secure journey wherever you go in Eastern Ontario.

Your Electric Vehicle Questions Answered

Q: How does the range of the Bolt EV compare to the Bolt EUV?

  • The Bolt EV boasts a slightly greater range of 417 kilometres compared to the Bolt EUV’s 398 kilometres.

Q: Does the Bolt EUV offer more cabin space than the Bolt EV?

  • Yes, the Bolt EUV features enhanced rear legroom and a more spacious interior, perfect for family trips or long drives.

Q: Are both models equipped for all levels of charging?

  • Absolutely, both the Bolt EV and EUV support Level 1, 2, and 3 charging, catering to your convenience.

Q: Which is the preferred model for families or extended journeys?

  • The Bolt EUV, with its roomier interior and advanced Super Cruise technology, is the ideal choice for family adventures and long-distance travel.

Join us at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, where we’re passionate about merging innovative technology with ultimate comfort. The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV are shining examples of our commitment to the electric vehicle revolution.

Conclusion: Your Electric Journey Awaits at Surgenor Ottawa

As the sun sets over the Ottawa River, casting a golden hue on the city, imagine yourself at the helm of the future — the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV or the Bolt EUV. Picture this: you’re gliding effortlessly through the streets of Kanata or along the scenic routes of Nepean behind the wheel of your all-electric vehicle, embodying the spirit of innovation and eco-consciousness.

A Vision of Electric Mobility

In your Chevrolet Bolt EV, feel the thrill of 200 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque as you accelerate from 0-96 km/h in a mere 6.5 seconds. The world blurs past, yet inside, it’s a haven of tranquillity. The 10.2-inch touchscreen displays vital information, ensuring every kilometre of your 417 km range is optimized for efficiency and enjoyment.

Envision weekend getaways to Gatineau or daily commutes in Orleans, where your Bolt EV is more than a car; it’s a statement of sustainability, backed by the convenience of home charging, courtesy of Chevrolet’s commitment to your electric lifestyle.

A Journey in Comfort and Style

Now, shift your perspective to the Chevrolet Bolt EUV. This all-electric utility vehicle, with its spacious 993 mm of legroom, invites you to embark on adventures with family and friends, enveloped in luxury and advanced technology. The Super Cruise™ feature transforms your drives into hands-free experiences on compatible highways, offering a glimpse into the future of driving.

The Bolt EUV’s range of up to 397 km ensures your explorations are long and uninterrupted, whether it’s a trip to Aylmer or a drive through Barrhaven. With its bold design, especially in the Redline Edition, every journey becomes a statement of style and innovation.

The Road to Tomorrow Starts Today

At Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we don’t just sell cars; we’re pioneering a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. As Ottawa’s premier destination for electric and eco-friendly vehicles, we invite you to join this exciting journey.

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction as you cruise past gas stations, a silent nod to your commitment to the environment. Visualize the admiring glances as you navigate the vibrant streets of Eastern Ontario, a pioneer in a world rapidly embracing electric mobility.

Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. Bolt EUV

Your Invitation to Experience the Future

We extend a personal invitation to you: come to Surgenor Ottawa and experience the magic of the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. Sit behind the wheel, feel the pulse of electric power, and envision your life transformed by the elegance and efficiency of these remarkable vehicles.

Your future is electric, and it starts at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac. Join us in writing a new chapter in automotive history, one where your journey is powered not just by electricity but by innovation, luxury, and a commitment to a better world.

The future is bright and electric, and it awaits you. Welcome to your electric journey with Surgenor Ottawa.


Kyle Burton: A Lifetime Passionate About the Automotive World

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Kyle's career has spanned various pivotal roles, evolving from an automotive detailer & service valet to a customer care agent and then ascending to positions like e-commerce manager and sales professional. Since 2010, Kyle has been steering success in his current role as a Sales Manager, where his expertise shines. What drives Kyle is not just his role but his passion for the dynamism of the automotive sector - the thrill of competition among manufacturers and the rapid technological advancements that make modern vehicles marvels of innovation. His profound love for the industry is rooted in the joy of assisting customers through the complex yet exciting journey of purchasing their next vehicle. Kyle hopes to share insights and knowledge through his writings, aiding readers in making informed, confident decisions about their automotive choices. His blend of extensive experience, in-depth industry understanding, and genuine care for customer needs embodies the essence of trustworthiness and authority.


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