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Explore The Exciting Features Of The 2024 Buick Enclave In Ottawa

2024 Buick Enclave

If you’re in the market for a vehicle that marries luxury with practicality, finding the perfect fit can feel like a daunting task. You need something spacious for family and friends, packed with safety features for peace of mind, and equipped with the latest tech to keep everyone entertained.

Sounds like quite the wish list, right? Well, what if I told you that nestled within Ottawa’s bustling car scene lies a gem that ticks all those boxes – the 2024 Buick Enclave?

The freshly unveiled 2024 Buick Enclave is creating ripples among mid-size SUV enthusiasts in Ottawa. It’s designed not just to meet expectations but to surpass them with state-of-the-art amenities and refined craftsmanship tailored for modern drivers and their families.

Whatever your driving needs are – from daily commutes to adventurous road trips – this vehicle promises an elevated experience every time you slide behind its luxurious wheel.

I’m Kyle Burton from Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, and my team is excited to guide you through what makes this luxury mid-size SUV stand out. By delving into its exciting features together, we’ll discover how it seamlessly blends opulence with utility so you can drive off confidently into your next journey.

Ready for an exclusive tour? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Buick Enclave offers three trims—Essence, Premium, and Avenir—with luxury features like leather seating and advanced safety systems.

  • Customizable financing options at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac make owning an Enclave accessible with plans such as a bi-weekly payment and zero down payment for qualified buyers, o.a.c.

  • Enhanced tech includes an intuitive 11-inch infotainment touch-screen compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, plus innovative features like wireless charging.

  • Strong performance is delivered by the 3.6L V6 engine that produces 310 horsepower paired with a smooth-operating nine-speed automatic transmission; available all-wheel drive provides confident handling in various weather conditions.

  • Safety is paramount in the new Enclave, featuring Enhanced Buick Driver Confidence with automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, lane keep assist, blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and more to protect passengers on every trip.

Overview of the 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa

The 2024 Buick Enclave arrives in Ottawa, boasting a lineup of refined trims and cutting-edge features tailored to elevate the driving experience. Our team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac is eager to guide you through personalized financing options and the seamless process of configuring the perfect Enclave for your lifestyle needs.

2024 Buick Enclave

New options and trims available

Discover the 2024 Buick Enclave’s fresh lineup, ready to dazzle SUV enthusiasts in Ottawa. We’re excited to showcase an array of new trims and options that cater to your style and driving preferences at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac.

  • Essence, Premium, and Avenir are the three main trims offered for the 2024 Buick Enclave, each with distinctive exterior features tailored to different tastes.

  • The Enclave Avenir stands as the pinnacle of luxury within the lineup, boasting exclusive design elements like a unique grille and refined interior touches for an elevated driving experience.

  • If you’re seeking advanced tech, the Premium trim is equipped with a Head-Up display—a feature that projects important information onto the windshield for easy viewing while keeping your eyes on the road.

  • To complement Ottawa’s diverse weather conditions, all-wheel drive ensures secure handling across seasons; this option is available to increase your confidence behind the wheel.

  • For those who enjoy open skies and natural light flowing into their cabin space, there’s an option to incorporate a panoramic moonroof, transforming every journey into an invigorating experience.

  • Tailor your Enclave to match your lifestyle with our range of stylish colour options and wheel designs; create a look that turns heads in Kanata or Nepean streets.

  • Families will appreciate the premium seating configurations designed for comfort during long travels from Barrhaven to Gatineau or beyond—perfect for weekend adventures or routine commutes in Eastern Ontario.

  • For music lovers and tech aficionados, Alexa Built-In provides hands-free access to entertainment and smart home devices on the go, ensuring connectivity remains seamless wherever you go.

Financing options

Securing your dream 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa is easier with our flexible financing options, o.a.c. Our team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac offers competitive rates, ensuring you can take home this three-row full-size crossover SUV without breaking the bank.

Imagine sliding into the premium seating of your Enclave with a unique finance plan tailored specifically for you, o.a.c.

Qualified buyers will rejoice at our offers. You’ll only need to make bi-weekly payments and that’s with zero down payment, o.a.c! It’s not just about buying a vehicle; it’s about making smart financial choices so that you can enjoy all the features of your new Enclave without any stress.

Ready to customize your payment plan? Let’s move on to exploring how to personalize payments for your brand-new ride.

Requesting information

Gathering details about the 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa is just a click away. Our team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac understands your need for thorough information to make an informed decision.

Reach out through our website and quickly receive specs, brochures, and answers to all your queries about trims, features, or even setting up a test drive.

Curious about tech upgrades like Intellilink or the latest safety enhancements? Fire off an email or use our convenient online form. We ensure you get tailored information that caters specifically to your interests and needs regarding the Buick Enclave Avenir with its premium seating and advanced infotainment system without any hassle.

Personalizing payments

Securing your dream 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa goes beyond just picking out features - it includes tailoring the payment plan to fit your financial comfort zone, o.a.c. At Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we understand that everybody’s budget is unique.

That’s why our finance team works with you to personalize payments for your new vehicle. With options like a $0 down payment and competitive financing rates, taking home an Enclave with plus with three-row seating or a robust 3.6-litre V6 engine becomes more than just wishful thinking; it becomes an achievable reality.

Crafting a customized payment schedule means you get to enjoy the latest updates from Buick without compromising on everyday affordability, o.a.c. Whether you’re looking to explore the Aylmer countryside or navigate Orleans city streets, let us handle the numbers so you can focus on experiencing every drive in your new Enclave with peace of mind about your finances.

Key Specifications and Notable Changes from Previous Year

Dive into the upgrades that set the 2024 Buick Enclave apart from its predecessor, and prepare to be impressed by its enhanced specs that redefine comfort and style — keep reading for an in-depth exploration of what’s new.

Trim comparison

When considering the purchase of a three-row full-size crossover SUV like the 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa, it’s essential to understand the differences between the available trims. The 2024 Enclave comes with three elegant trim levels, each designed to cater to a specific set of needs and preferences. Let’s compare the Essence, Premium, and Avenir trims to help you decide which one might be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.





Starting Price




Seating Material


Leather-appointed with enhanced features

Premium leather with unique Avenir embroidery


18” Painted Aluminum Wheels

20” Polished Aluminum Wheels

20” Pearl Nickel Aluminum Wheels

Infotainment Screen

8” Diagonal Buick Infotainment System

8” Diagonal Buick Infotainment System with Navigation

8” Diagonal Buick Infotainment System with Navigation and enhanced features

Safety Features

Standard Safety Package I

Standard Safety Package II

Advanced Safety Package with Avenir-exclusive features

Interior Accents

Soft-touch materials and wood-tone accents

Upgraded materials with added luxury features

Exclusive Avenir interior styling with wood-tone and chrome accents

Sound System

Buick QuietTuning with active noise cancellation

Bose Performance-Enhanced Premium 10-Speaker System

Bose Performance-Enhanced Premium 10-Speaker System with amp and subwoofer



Available dual moonroof

Standard dual moonroof with rear fixed skylight

*prices are subject to change.

Each trim of the 2024 Buick Enclave offers a distinct blend of luxury, performance, and technological sophistication, making it a compelling choice for families and professionals alike. The Enclave Essence provides a well-rounded experience with premium leather appointments and foundational safety features.

The Premium trim elevates comfort and convenience, offering enhanced infotainment and safety packages. For the pinnacle of elegance, the Enclave Avenir surrounds you with its exclusive styling, advanced features, and unmatched refinement. Look closely at what each trim offers and envision your driving experience transformed by the level of luxury that suits you best.

Engine and transmission

The 2024 Buick Enclave brings power and smoothness together with its formidable 3.6-litre V-6 engine, delivering a robust 310 horsepower that’s sure to impress as you cruise through Ottawa.

Its nine-speed automatic transmission provides seamless shifting, enhancing your driving experience with fluid acceleration and efficient performance. Whether navigating city streets or powering down the highway, the Enclave’s refined engine ensures an exhilarating yet comfortable ride for all passengers.

Under the hood of every sleek Enclave model lies this dynamic powertrain that combines both muscle and finesse. The final drive is engineered for responsiveness, giving drivers confidence in their vehicle’s ability to handle diverse road conditions.

With such impressive capability at your fingertips, commanding this full-size crossover SUV feels effortless and remarkably engaging—a testament to Buick’s dedication to crafting vehicles that excite without compromising on luxury or reliability.

Infotainment and technology features

Continuing from the heart of performance, let’s dive into the world where cutting-edge technology meets user-friendly interface in the 2024 Buick Enclave. Imagine a cockpit where every command is at your fingertips with an 11-inch diagonal touch-screen that puts control of your SUV’s extensive features within easy reach.

Not just expansive, this customizable infotainment system caters to your preferences for both connectivity and entertainment.

Take convenience up a notch with wireless charging; say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to a clutter-free space. Your smartphone integrates smoothly with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, bringing your favourite apps and media right on the vehicle’s display - all while keeping you connected on the roads of Ottawa.

Maps, playlists, contacts, and more are now just a touch or voice command away in your Enclave, ensuring that tech-savvy drivers and passengers alike enjoy every drive to its fullest.

2024 Buick Enclave infotainment

Exterior and interior design updates

The 2024 Buick Enclave boasts a fresh look that captures the essence of modern luxury. Its exterior shines with new headlamps and taillights, bringing a brighter and more sophisticated presence to Ottawa’s streets.

The redesigned wheels add a touch of elegance, sure to turn heads wherever you go. Inside, comfort meets style with premium seating and an updated steering wheel that offers both aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality.

The center console has seen a makeover as well, providing drivers in Ottawa with an organized space that keeps everything within easy reach.

In the cabin of the Enclave, attention to detail is evident throughout its refined interior design updates. Passengers enjoy spacious seating wrapped in high-quality materials while admiring the intuitive layout that surrounds them.

As part of these thoughtful refinements, every journey becomes an experience in both comfort and class—perfect for families seeking a three-row full-size crossover SUV with no compromise on sophistication or practicality.

2024 Buick Enclave interior

Performance, Safety, and Driver Assistance Features

Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac shines a spotlight on the dynamic performance and cutting-edge safety innovations of the 2024 Buick Enclave.

Let’s delve into how this premium SUV sets new standards for assurance and control on the bustling streets of Ottawa.

Engine Capabilities

The 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa packs a punch with its robust 3.6L V6 engine, ready to deliver a thrilling ride with every turn of the key. Expect an output of 310 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque, allowing you to cruise effortlessly on highways or maneuver with confidence through city streets.

The sophisticated engine harnesses the power of variable valve timing and direct injection technology, catering not just to performance seekers but also to those looking for efficiency from their full-size crossover SUV.

Mated with a finely tuned 9-speed automatic transmission, the Enclave’s drivetrain ensures smooth gear shifts and optimized fuel consumption, enhancing your driving experience while remaining gentle on your wallet at the pump.

For Canadian drivers facing diverse weather conditions, intelligent all-wheel drive is available, offering unparalleled grip when roads get slippery. This integration of muscle and brains under the hood underscores why the Enclave stands out in its class – it’s engineered to impress once you hit the road.

Advanced safety features

Safety priorities take a front seat in the 2024 Buick Enclave. Our team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac is thrilled to highlight the advanced safety features that keep you and your family secure on the go.

  • Equipped with Enhanced Buick Driver Confidence, this SUV delivers cutting-edge protection for all passengers.

  • Automatic emergency braking engages independently to prevent collisions, keeping an extra set of eyes on the road for you.

  • Forward collision alert warns drivers of impending impacts, offering valuable time to react.

  • Front pedestrian braking system detects pedestrians and applies brakes if necessary, adding an urban safety net.

  • Lane keep assist gently corrects steering when unintended lane departure is detected, helping maintain safe driving lanes.

  • Blind-spot detection illuminates a visual warning when vehicles enter your blind spot area, aiding in safer lane changes.

  • Rear cross-traffic alert monitors the sides while reversing, alerting drivers to crossing vehicles or pedestrians.

  • The Enclave’s teen driver system sets parameters to encourage safe driving habits among newer drivers.

Driver assistance technology

Driver assistance technology in the 2024 Buick Enclave takes your driving experience to new levels of convenience and security. Our team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac is excited to share these cutting-edge features that keep you protected on every journey.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking: This system activates in critical situations to apply the brakes if it detects an impending collision, helping to reduce impact or avoid accidents altogether.

  • Forward Collision Alert: The Enclave’s sensors monitor the road ahead and alert you to potential hazards, giving you more time to react and prevent a possible crash.

  • Lane Departure Warning: Straying from your lane without signaling? This handy feature warns you with audible alerts and visual cues to ensure you stay on track.

  • Cross Traffic Alert: When reversing out of a parking spot or driveway, this technology scans for vehicles approaching from either side, warning you of any incoming traffic.

  • Parking Assistance: Advanced sensors make parking in tight spots a breeze by guiding you into the space with precision–no guesswork needed.

Reserve Your 2024 Buick Enclave Today

Secure your piece of automotive excellence and be among the first to experience the unrivalled comfort and innovation of the 2024 Buick Enclave; reach out to us at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac for details on making your reservation.

2024 Buick Enclave

Availability and reservation process

The 2024 Buick Enclave has arrived with a splash, and getting behind the wheel is easier than ever. Our reservation process at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac ensures you can secure your new SUV hassle-free.

  • Check out the latest 2024 Buick Enclave models online using the Buick vehicle locator. You’ll discover all available trims and options right from the comfort of your home.

  • Personalize your payment plan with our user-friendly online tools. Customize your payments to fit your budget before setting foot in our dealership.

  • Contact us directly through our website or by phone to get more information about the Enclave premium seating and Enclave sport touring options.

  • Reserve your preferred model through our straightforward reservation system. Choose the colour and trim that best suits your style, including any new features you’re excited about.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’ll keep you updated every step of the way, from reservation to delivery. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service throughout your purchasing experience.

  • Take advantage of any exclusive offers or incentives that may be available when you reserve early. These specials ensure that you get even more value from your new Enclave.

  • Expect updates regarding availability and special launch events for the 2024 Buick Enclave in Ottawa. Be among the first to know about these exciting opportunities.

Similar vehicles to consider

As you think about reserving a 2024 Buick Enclave, you might also want to consider other vehicles in the three-row crossover SUV category. These alternatives offer a range of features that cater to diverse preferences and needs.

  • Chevrolet Traverse: This option stands out with its spacious interior and smooth ride. The Traverse provides ample cargo space, making it ideal for long trips or carrying lots of gear.

  • GMC Acadia: Offering versatility with available all-wheel drive, the Acadia is known for its refined handling and user-friendly infotainment system. It’s a comfortable fit for those who appreciate technology on the go.

  • Ford Explorer: With its powerful engine options and towing capacity, the Explorer suits adventurous families ready for any journey. Its modern safety features ensure peace of mind while exploring new terrains.

  • Honda Pilot: Renowned for reliability, the Pilot offers a comfortable cabin and solid fuel efficiency. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a dependable family vehicle.

  • Toyota Highlander: The Highlander boasts strong resale value and a suite of standard driver assistance features. Its hybrid variant appeals to environmentally conscious drivers seeking efficiency.

  • Kia Telluride: This SUV wins hearts with its upscale interior and generous standard equipment at a competitive price point. If luxury within reach is what you’re after, this could be the perfect match.

Explore New and Used Vehicle Options

Discover the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget as you delve into our extensive selection of new and used vehicles, each offering its own unique blend of comfort, style, and performance—your next automotive adventure starts at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac.

2024 Buick Enclave

Discovering New Vehicle Inventory

Exploring our new vehicle inventory at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac is an adventure in itself. You’ll find a wide selection of the latest 2024 Buick Enclave models, each boasting modern amenities and sophisticated design.

Our showroom features various trims, showcasing options to suit every desire and need – from cozy interiors to cutting-edge technology.

Choosing your perfect Enclave becomes effortless, with knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through each feature and capability. We take pride in presenting a seamless blend of luxury and practicality, ensuring every customer drives away satisfied.

With the impeccable craftsmanship evident in every curve and corner of these SUVs, prepare to be impressed by what the 2024 Buick Enclave has to offer right here in Ottawa.

Valuing Your Trade-In Vehicle

Getting a fair value for your trade-in vehicle can make a significant difference when upgrading to the latest model, like the 2024 Buick Enclave. At Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we understand that you’ve invested time and care into your current car, and we’re committed to helping you translate that into tangible value.

Our straightforward appraisal process assesses your vehicle’s condition, market demand, and other factors to ensure you receive a competitive offer.

Bring in your existing SUV or car; our team will guide you through every step, from inspection to offer. Trust our professionals to handle it with transparency and expertise so that you can focus on finding the perfect new ride among our impressive inventory of Buicks and other top brands.

Next up: Considering Similar Used Vehicles – let us show you why they might just be the smart choice for savvy shoppers looking for quality at an attractive price point.

Considering Similar Used Vehicles

After evaluating your trade-in vehicle, exploring similar used vehicles can be a smart choice for many shoppers. Pre-owned models often provide value and reliability, especially when you find the right dealership to purchase from.

  • Look into the Enclave’s previous model years: You might discover that models from recent years still carry many of the features you’re interested in but at a lower price point.

  • Examine certified pre-owned options: Certified pre-owned Buick Enclaves are thoroughly inspected and include warranty coverage, giving you peace of mind with your investment.

  • Compare safety features across different years: Safety is key, so check how older Enclave models stack up in terms of safety ratings and driver assistance technologies.

  • Research customer reviews: Gain insights into long-term ownership by reading reviews from other Buick SUV owners. Their experiences could influence your decision-making process.

  • Assess maintenance history: Request detailed records of past services and repairs to ensure the used Enclave has been well-maintained.

  • Confirm availability of parts and services: Make sure that maintaining an older Enclave won’t be a hassle by verifying service availability at our Ottawa dealership.

  • Explore trade-in incentives: Sometimes dealerships offer special promotions for buyers who trade in their old vehicle for a pre-owned one, adding extra value to the deal.

  • Check for special financing rates on used vehicles: Just like new cars, pre-owned vehicles might come with financing benefits—our team can guide you through these options.

  • Visit Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac personally: Experience the condition and performance of available used Enclaves first-hand and take one out for a test drive.

About Surgenor Ottawa

Surgenor Ottawa stands proud as a leading Buick dealer in Ottawa, dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. With an extensive selection of the latest 2024 Buick Enclave models and an array of other vehicles, we meet the diverse needs of our clients with professionalism and care.

Our skilled team is ready to showcase why the Enclave is a top choice for those seeking a three-row, full-size crossover SUV.

We value each opportunity to assist customers in finding their perfect vehicle match within our new and pre-owned inventory. Come visit us at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac and let our automotive experts guide you through every step, from exploration to ownership, with ease and confidence.


Get ready to elevate your drive with the 2024 Buick Enclave, a stunning blend of sophistication and performance. Tailored for families and adventurers alike, this SUV stands out on Ottawa roads with its cutting-edge infotainment and robust safety features.

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of an Enclave, navigating with ease thanks to advanced driving aids. Step into Surgenor Ottawa’s world-class dealership, where your perfect match awaits among our expansive lineup.

Let the journey begin today as you connect with us to experience how the new Enclave redefines travel comfort and style!


1. What are the new features in the 2024 Buick Enclave’s redesign?

The 2024 Buick Enclave brings an exciting redesign with enhanced safety features, a refined interior, and upgrades that promise both comfort and style for drivers in Ottawa.

2. Where can I find a Buick dealer to see the Enclave for sale in Ottawa?

Use the handy Buick dealer locator online to discover your nearest showroom, where you can explore your options and even build and price your own 2024 Buick Enclave.

3. Can you tell me about the towing capacity of the 2024 Buick Enclave?

Certainly, with robust performance capabilities built into its design, the 2024 Buick Enclave boasts impressive towing capacity suitable for various hauling needs.

4. Is there a subscription service available for my new Buick Enclave?

Yes! You may choose from several subscription options that keep your vehicle connected and updated, ensuring you enjoy all the modern conveniences offered by this luxurious SUV.


Kyle Burton: A Lifetime Passionate About the Automotive World

As the Sales Manager at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, Kyle Burton brings over two decades of rich experience and a lifelong enthusiasm to the automotive industry. His journey began as a bright-eyed part-timer in 2002, simultaneously juggling his academic pursuits at the University of Manitoba.

Kyle's career has spanned various pivotal roles, evolving from an automotive detailer & service valet to a customer care agent and then ascending to positions like e-commerce manager and sales professional. Since 2010, Kyle has been steering success in his current role as a Sales Manager, where his expertise shines.

What drives Kyle is not just his role but his passion for the dynamism of the automotive sector - the thrill of competition among manufacturers and the rapid technological advancements that make modern vehicles marvels of innovation. His profound love for the industry is rooted in the joy of assisting customers through the complex yet exciting journey of purchasing their next vehicle.

Kyle hopes to share insights and knowledge through his writings, aiding readers in making informed, confident decisions about their automotive choices. His blend of extensive experience, in-depth industry understanding, and genuine care for customer needs embodies the essence of trustworthiness and authority.


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