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Ottawa’s Electric Future: Introducing The 2025 GMC Sierra EV

2025 GMC Sierra EV

As the world leans into a greener future, Ottawa isn’t getting left behind. It’s time to say goodbye to gas guzzlers and hello to electric innovation on wheels – but what if you could have both eco-friendly features and unbeatable truck power?

Introducing the 2025 GMC Sierra EV, which is revving up to electrify Canada’s capital with its trailblazing design and jaw-dropping performance.

Did you know that this all-electric powerhouse can travel up to an impressive 640 kilometres on just one charge? For those of us tackling Ottawa’s diverse urban streets and scenic rural routes, range anxiety could soon be a thing of the past.

With the Sierra EV, we get not only convenience and longevity but also a luxury driving experience that doesn’t compromise capability or comfort. Ready for an electric ride tailored for Ottawa’s roads?

Stay tuned; your automotive future is about to get charged!

Key Takeaways

  • The 2025 GMC Sierra EV will revolutionize Ottawa’s roads as an all-electric truck with up to 754 horsepower, providing zero-emission driving without sacrificing performance.

  • Drivers can expect a range of up to 640 kilometres on a full charge and benefit from fast-charging capabilities that add approximately 160 kilometres in just ten minutes.

  • Innovative features like the MultiproTM midgate expand cargo space for versatility, while Power Station Pro offers off-board power for tools or camping equipment.

  • With advanced technology such as Super Cruise driver assistance and a massive 16.8” center touchscreen, the Sierra EV delivers both luxury and convenience.

  • Surgenor Ottawa is prepared to assist customers with reserving, customizing, and taking delivery of their very own GMC Sierra EV, marking a significant step toward an electrified automotive future in Eastern Ontario.

Introduce the topic of Ottawa’s future electric truck options

Electric trucks are not just a vision for the future; they’re arriving on the streets of Ottawa. With the unveiling of the 2025 GMC Sierra EV, our city stands at the forefront of an automotive revolution, embracing cleaner, more efficient transportation.

This all-electric powerhouse is set to join an electrified lineup that includes icons like the GMC HUMMER EV Pickup and SUV. The debut of this electric pickup truck marks a significant leap forward in eco-friendly driving options available in Eastern Ontario—proving that powerful performance can go hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility.

The Sierra EV Elevation offers Ottawans a fresh entry point into this exciting market segment. It promises zero emissions without compromising on muscle or luxury—a game-changer for those who demand high performance from their vehicles.

Embrace cutting-edge technology, impressive cargo space, and unparalleled towing capability with GMC’s electric models—without ever having to visit a gas station again. Get ready to experience next-level driving as we explore what makes the 2025 GMC Sierra EV not just another vehicle but a pivotal part of Ottawa’s electric future.

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV: All-Electric, All-Powerful

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV redefines the electric truck experience – it’s a powerhouse on wheels, set to electrify Ottawa’s streets with unparalleled performance and innovative technology.

As the enthusiastic team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we’re proud to introduce this all-electric marvel that promises to shatter expectations and deliver an extraordinary driving journey for our Canadian clientele.

2025 GMC Sierra EV

Highlight the key features and specifications of the 2025 GMC Sierra EV

Unleash the power of zero emissions with the 2025 GMC Sierra EV’s robust engine, delivering an impressive 754 horsepower partnered with a commanding 785 lb-ft of torque. Tackle any journey without worry, as this all-electric truck offers up to 640 kilometres on a single charge, ensuring long-distance travel is both sustainable and exhilarating.

Recharging is equally swift thanks to its cutting-edge fast-charging capabilities, keeping you on the move.

Introducing unparalleled versatility in design, the Sierra EV features a MultiproTM midgate that expands cargo space to fit your lifestyle needs. Need electricity for tools or camping? Power through it all using Power Station Pro-10.2 kW for convenient off-boarding power anytime, anywhere.

With these state-of-the-art specifications combined with luxurious touches and advanced technology found across models like Denali Edition 1 and AT4 trim levels, the future of electric performance shines bright in Ottawa’s streets.

754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque

Moving beyond the cutting-edge features, let’s talk power. The 2025 GMC Sierra EV isn’t just about going green; it packs a serious punch with a roaring 754 horsepower and a robust 785 lb-ft of torque.

Imagine harnessing this incredible energy to conquer tough terrain or effortlessly tow heavy loads on your adventures around Ottawa.

This electric beast offers the strength typically found in traditional gasoline-powered trucks but brings it into the modern age without any emissions. Whether you’re looking for mind-blowing acceleration or pulling strength that rivals heavy-duty pickups, the GMC Sierra EV delivers performance that demands attention and respect on the road.

Range of up to 640 kilometres on a full charge

With a heart-pounding 754 horsepower at your command, imagine the distance you could cover before needing to recharge. The 2025 GMC Sierra EV turns this dream into reality by offering an impressive range of up to 640 kilometres on a single charge.

Think about the long hauls and the adventurous trips you can plan without worrying about where the next charging station might be. This generous range is made possible thanks to advanced battery technology and efficient power management systems, ensuring that every kilometre driven is optimized for both performance and endurance.

Drivers in Ottawa looking for an all-electric truck won’t just enjoy raw power but also the freedom of extended travel between charges. Charging stops are fewer and farther between, making it easier than ever to embark on longer journeys or tackle daily commutes with confidence.

The future looks bright with vehicles like the GMC Sierra EV leading the way – providing not only eco-friendly solutions but also serving up convenience and reliability that goes well beyond what was once thought possible for electric trucks.

Fast-charging capabilities

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV isn’t just about power and range; it’s designed to keep pace with your life. Its fast-charging capabilities mean less downtime and more road time. Imagine adding 160 km of range in roughly 10 minutes at a public station—this truck makes it possible, thanks to its Level 3 DC Fast Charging feature that works at an impressive rate of up to 350kW.

Forget long waits by the charger; this electric powerhouse has you back on the move swiftly.

Owners of the Sierra EV can rely on their vehicle for not only daily commutes but also impromptu adventures. The advanced Ultium platform bolsters these quick charging times, ensuring that even when your energy is low, your Sierra EV won’t be for long.

Charge up while grabbing a coffee or during a short pit stop, and before you know it, you’ll have ample juice for hundreds of kilometres ahead. With such innovative tech underpinning every trip, convenience meets cutting-edge in Ottawa’s electric future.

MultiproTM midgate for increased versatility

Shifting gears from the convenience of fast charging, let’s explore the groundbreaking MultiproTM MidGate that takes versatility to new heights. Imagine needing extra space for your cargo; with a simple adjustment, the Sierra EV transforms its truck bed into an impressive over 3-meter expanse.

This innovative feature allows you to easily extend the truck bed length, making it a breeze to fit longer items that would otherwise be a challenge to transport. Whether you’re hauling lumber for a DIY project or gear for an adventurous weekend getaway out of Ottawa, this midgate offers unparalleled flexibility.

Owners of the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will discover how quickly and effortlessly they can adapt their vehicle to meet their needs. The MultiproTM MidGate isn’t just reserved for top-tier trims—it enhances utility across various models, including AT4 and Elevation, proving itself an invaluable asset in any configuration.

With such adaptive capabilities at your disposal, tackling tasks big and small becomes simpler than ever before in your everyday electric driving experience around Kanata, Nepean or Barrhaven.

Power Station Pro-10.2 kW for off-boarding power

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s a powerhouse on wheels with its Power Station Pro-10.2 kW feature. Imagine the convenience of being able to provide electricity for your job site tools, campsite essentials, or even another electric vehicle—all from your truck.

This potent capability transforms the GMC Sierra from merely a vehicle into an indispensable tool that works for you wherever you are.

With its 10.2kW output, the Power Station Pro turns your Sierra EV into a mobile generator ready to tackle any power needs outside your home or off-grid adventures.

Whether you’re in Gatineau, Aylmer, or Orleans, this function ensures that you won’t be left in the dark during unexpected power outages or remote trips where conventional power sources are sparse.

The future Elevation model will also include this innovative feature, making versatility and reliability staples of the GMC electric lineup.

Why Choose the 2025 GMC Sierra EV for Ottawa’s Electric Future?

Discover why the 2025 GMC Sierra EV is the perfect addition to Ottawa’s electric horizon, melding groundbreaking technology and unbridled luxury for a ride that redefines the electric truck experience—continue reading to see how this vehicle can electrify your drive.

2025 GMC Sierra EV

Peak luxury and intelligent design with the Denali edition

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 is more than just a truck; it’s an upscale experience on wheels. With its eye-catching design and deluxe features, you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

The interior exudes opulence, with plush materials and advanced technology that redefines comfort in electric trucks. Every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring that your ride is as pleasurable as it is impressive.

Embrace the future of driving with this ultra-premium aesthetic that sets a new standard for luxury pickups. The Denali edition boasts cutting-edge features like Super Cruise driver assistance for hands-free highway driving and a strikingly large center touchscreen to keep you connected on the move.

Whether cruising through Ottawa’s city streets or exploring country roads, the Sierra EV Denali Edition promises intelligence and style without compromise.

Super Cruise driver-assistance technology

Elevating the driving experience to new heights, Super Cruise takes driver-assistance technology forward. Imagine cruising through Ottawa’s scenic routes without the need to constantly manage the steering wheel.

With Super Cruise, you can do just that; it’s hands-free driving with cutting-edge precision. Using a combination of LiDAR map data, GPS, and real-time cameras and sensors, this semi-autonomous system maintains your vehicle’s position on over 640,000 km of compatible roads across Canada and the United States.

Safe travels are paramount for drivers in Eastern Ontario. Super Cruise contributes to this by not only keeping your GMC Sierra EV centred in its lane but also by performing automatic lane changes while trailering—perfect for those hauls through rural landscapes or bustling city streets.

This technology provides added convenience without compromising safety—a testament to GMC’s commitment to innovative solutions for today’s electric vehicle performance needs.

Expansive 16.8” center touchscreen

The Super Cruise driver-assistance technology leads you seamlessly to the centrepiece of in-cabin innovation: the expansive 16.8” diagonal center touchscreen. This advanced interface stands as a testament to smart design, offering drivers a customizable display that puts control at their fingertips.

With its intuitive layout, you can personalize your screens for easy access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings.

Imagine an electric truck where information and connectivity are right in front of you with just one tap or swipe. The GMC Sierra EV’s large touchscreen ensures everything you need is clearly visible and within reach while driving on Ottawa’s roads.

It’s more than just an impressive piece of technology; it’s your command center for all things Sierra EV, enhancing both drive experience and convenience every time you get behind the wheel.

Plug-and-play capabilities

Imagine the ease of using your truck as a mobile power source wherever you go. The 2025 GMC Sierra EV turns this into reality with its plug-and-play capabilities alongside an available accessory power bar.

You can effortlessly connect tools, lights, or even entertainment systems directly to your vehicle during work or play. This feature marks a new era for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike who demand convenience and functionality from their electric trucks.

Power up a job site without the need for additional generators or keep your campsite lit at night seamlessly. With these advanced plug-and-play options, the Sierra EV is more than just transportation; it’s a powerhouse on wheels ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way.

Ottawa’s Electric Future: Benefits of the 2025 GMC Sierra EV

Embrace the eco-conscious revolution sweeping through Ottawa with the advent of the 2025 GMC Sierra EV. Its state-of-the-art electric platform is ushering in a new era of automotive efficiency and performance, tailored to meet both the environmental aspirations and practical demands of our community here in Eastern Ontario.

2025 GMC Sierra EV

Reduced emissions and environmental impact

Driving the 2025 GMC Sierra EV means you’re at the forefront of a green revolution, helping to bring down Ottawa’s carbon footprint. This fully electric truck releases zero tailpipe emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice for those who care about our planet.

You’ll be contributing to cleaner air and a healthier community every time you get behind the wheel.

Picking this electric powerhouse also aligns with Canada’s goal of all new passenger vehicles being zero-emission by 2035. The GMC Sierra EV not only demonstrates your commitment to sustainable living but also places you in the vanguard of innovative technology that reduces environmental impact.

With each charge and mile, drivers join forces in cutting transportation sector emissions, shaping Ottawa’s push towards an electrified future on its roads.

Cost savings on fuel and maintenance

Electric vehicles like the 2025 GMC Sierra EV are not just about going green; they’re a smart choice for your wallet, too. Imagine cutting maintenance costs by up to 60% and slashing half of what you’d typically spend on fuel.

With fewer moving parts compared to traditional engines, electric trucks minimize those frequent trips to the service center for oil changes and tune-ups.

Opting for an all-electric truck means tapping into significant long-term savings, especially as electricity prices are generally more stable than gasoline prices. You’ll bypass the gas station entirely, charging your Sierra EV at home or at work – less hassle and more money in your pocket over time.

These cost-efficient benefits make electric truck ownership an attractive investment for drivers looking ahead to Ottawa’s electrified roads.

Powerful towing capacity and payload rating

Shifting gears from savings, let’s rev up the power aspect of the 2025 GMC Sierra EV. This electric powerhouse breaks stereotypes with its exceptional towing capabilities, allowing drivers to pull up to a hefty 9,500 pounds confidently.

Whether it’s hauling equipment for work or towing a boat for weekend adventures, this truck handles heavy loads with ease and stability.

The payload isn’t left behind either; you can load up the Sierra EV with as much as 1,300 pounds in its durable cargo bed. Imagine transporting all your heavy gear without breaking a sweat – that’s the kind of strength and reliability we’re talking about.

With such robust capacity on offer, you’re well-prepared for any task Ottawa throws your way.

Safety and driver-assistance features

Moving beyond raw power, the 2025 GMC Sierra EV prioritizes your safety with cutting-edge technology designed to protect. The high-definition Surround Vision system gives drivers a bird’s-eye view of their surroundings, making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces easier than ever.

On long drives or busy roads, driver-assistance features such as forward collision alert and adaptive cruise control work tirelessly to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, keeping you secure.

The truck’s blind-spot alerts provide an extra set of eyes where you need it most, minimizing the risk of side-swipe accidents on bustling Ottawa streets. For those who love adventuring outside the city limits with a trailer in tow, the ProGrade™ Trailering System offers peace of mind by ensuring your load is always safe and secure behind you.

These intelligent systems demonstrate that driving a heavy-duty electric truck can be as relaxing as it is exhilarating.

Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac: Your Destination for the 2025 GMC Sierra EV

For those electrified by the promise of sustainable power and innovation, Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac stands as your premier gateway to embracing the 2025 GMC Sierra EV.

Our dedicated team is poised to guide you through every aspect of making this visionary truck a part of your driving future.

2025 GMC Sierra EV

How to reserve, verify, and take delivery of your Sierra EV

Securing your 2025 GMC Sierra EV with Surgenor Ottawa is a streamlined process designed for convenience. Begin by reaching out to our sales team, who will guide you through the reservation steps, ensuring your place in line for this cutting-edge electric truck.

A small deposit secures your future vehicle while also allowing you to customize features and select preferred trim levels tailored to your liking.

Once we receive confirmation that your Sierra EV is ready, we’ll contact you to verify all details of your configuration are correct and arrange a convenient time for delivery. You’ll be invited to Surgenor Ottawa, where our experts will walk you through every aspect of your new electric GMC Sierra, ensuring it meets all expectations before you take the wheel.

Tour the Sierra EV Options at Surgenor Ottawa

At Surgenor Ottawa, we invite you to explore the Sierra EV lineup. Our experts will guide you through each model’s features and help tailor your choice to fit your lifestyle. Whether you seek robust performance or luxurious comfort, our selection has something for every electric truck enthusiast.

Discover customization options that set the 2025 GMC Sierra EV apart. Test out its cutting-edge technology at our dealership and feel the thrill of innovation firsthand.

Join us at Surgenor Ottawa and find out how the Sierra EV revolutionizes driving in Eastern Ontario.

Available trim levels and customization options

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV isn’t just a powerhouse; it offers a range of trim levels to fit every driver’s lifestyle and preferences. With options like the base model that comes packed with essentials or the luxuriously appointed Denali trim for peak comfort and advanced features, you can find your perfect electric truck.

For those seeking maximum performance, there will even be an SS trim designed to boost your driving experience.

Customizing your Sierra EV is part of the excitement. Choose from various exterior colours, wheel designs, and interior finishes to make your ride truly yours. You also have the option to select from different packages that add functionality or enhance style.

Whether it’s upgrading for enhanced off-road capabilities or adding state-of-the-art technology features like Super Cruise driver-assistance tech, each choice allows you to tailor this all-electric truck to meet your needs and desires perfectly.

Contact us for pricing and further information

Customizing your 2025 GMC Sierra EV starts with choosing the perfect trim level to match both your style and needs. Our team at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac is eager to guide you through all available options, ensuring that your electric truck reflects precisely what you’re looking for.

We understand that pricing plays a critical role in making such an important decision.

Feel free to reach out directly to us for the most current details on pricing and any additional information you may need. Our knowledgeable sales staff is well-equipped to answer all of your questions, provide insight into financing options, and help schedule a test drive at your convenience.

With our experts by your side, stepping into the future of driving with an electric truck has never been easier or more exciting. Contact Surgenor Ottawa today, and let’s start paving the way towards a greener and more powerful driving experience together!

Explore New and Used Vehicle Options at Surgenor Ottawa

After getting all the details and pricing information you need, take a moment to consider the extensive selection at Surgenor Ottawa. We’re not just about cutting-edge electric vehicles like the 2025 GMC Sierra EV; our inventory caters to all your automotive desires.

Hunt for that perfect ride amongst an impressive variety of new Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC models alongside a robust array of quality pre-owned cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Venture through our collection with confidence, knowing each vehicle upholds the high standards Surgenor Ottawa has been known for since 1973. Whether you’re drawn to innovation with our latest electric models or seeking value in a reliable used vehicle, we provide choices tailored to meet every preference.

Our team is ready to assist you in finding your ideal match from our diverse range on offer, ensuring your future drives are everything you envision.

Consider Your Trade-in Value at Surgenor Ottawa

Maximize the potential of your current vehicle as you gear up for the future with Surgenor Ottawa. Our knowledgeable team is ready to evaluate and offer top value for your trade-in, making the shift to electric smoother and more affordable.

Bring in your existing car or truck, and we’ll assess its worth using expert tools and industry insights, ensuring you get a great deal that helps pave the way towards owning a 2025 GMC Sierra EV.

Surgenor Ottawa stands by to streamline every step of your transition into electric driving. Take advantage of our experience in handling trade-ins efficiently while benefiting from potentially lower upfront costs on your new Sierra EV purchase.

We ensure each customer receives personalized attention so you feel confident and excited about moving toward an electrified automotive future.

Access a Free Credit Check at Surgenor Ottawa

Unlock your electric truck dreams with a stress-free start at Surgenor Ottawa. Our free credit check service gives you the power to pre-qualify for financing while keeping your credit score untouched.

Make the smart move and get ahead in securing the keys to your 2025 GMC Sierra EV, all without any worries about hidden impacts on your financial standing.

Step into our dealership confident in your purchasing power. Take advantage of this complimentary feature and focus on what matters most – choosing the perfect trim and features for your future all-electric ride.

We ensure a smooth path from browsing to driving, transforming how Ottawa hits the road in style and sustainability.


Picture the electrifying future of Ottawa roads with the 2025 GMC Sierra EV leading the charge. Envision seamless commutes and powerful hauls thanks to this all-electric truck’s groundbreaking advancements.

Surgenor Ottawa is your trusted ally, guiding you through every step towards securing this innovative driving experience. Revel in the thought of cleaner drives across Eastern Ontario with a powerhouse like Sierra EV at your command.

Embrace tomorrow’s eco-friendly adventures with confidence as Surgenor Ottawa opens doors to an electric horizon.


1. When can I buy the 2025 GMC Sierra EV in Ottawa?

The 2025 GMC Sierra EV release date is set for a future announcement by General Motors of Canada, so keep an eye out for updates on its availability.

2. How much power will the GMC Sierra electric truck have?

Expect robust performance from the GMC Sierra EV with impressive horsepower and torque, thanks to GM’s advanced Ultium drive technology.

3. What kind of range will the new Sierra EV offer?

The GMC Sierra range is designed to be competitive, allowing you to travel long distances on a single charge using high-capacity battery packs.

4. Will fast chargers work with the GMC Sierra EV?

Absolutely! The quick DC fast-charging capability means your new electric truck can get back on the road faster when using public fast chargers or home charging stations.

5. Is there enough room for cargo in this electric version of the GMC Truck?

Yes, you’ll find ample cargo space in the 2025 GMC Sierra EV, making it a practical choice for carrying freight without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

6. Does this vehicle come with modern safety features?

Definitely! Expect cutting-edge driver assistance features like automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and a theft-deterrent system to help keep both driver and truck safe.


Kyle Burton: A Lifetime Passionate About the Automotive World

As the Sales Manager at Surgenor Ottawa Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, Kyle Burton brings over two decades of rich experience and a lifelong enthusiasm to the automotive industry. His journey began as a bright-eyed part-timer in 2002, simultaneously juggling his academic pursuits at the University of Manitoba.

Kyle's career has spanned various pivotal roles, evolving from an automotive detailer & service valet to a customer care agent and then ascending to positions like e-commerce manager and sales professional. Since 2010, Kyle has been steering success in his current role as a Sales Manager, where his expertise shines.

What drives Kyle is not just his role but his passion for the dynamism of the automotive sector - the thrill of competition among manufacturers and the rapid technological advancements that make modern vehicles marvels of innovation. His profound love for the industry is rooted in the joy of assisting customers through the complex yet exciting journey of purchasing their next vehicle.

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